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Fitness Training Salon

Our gym is fully equipped with all imaginable appliances of the famous Italian brand Technogym ®, including cardio fitness and muscle toning/strength training. The cardio workout improves the condition of the heart and blood vessels, a treadmill, rowing machine, bikes and stairclimbers, all have a program choice computer. For muscle toning, fat burning, increasing strength and mobility, there are separate devices for each muscle group, such as weight benches, abdominal banks – including the Abshaper and a complete set of dumbbells (weights).

A special computer program gives you your individual instructions, in which recommended exercises are described in detail, so anyone can train without supervision.

Tanning salon
Sauna, Sun and Sports Centre Duinzigt has facilities for safe artificial Suns. In two separate cabins you find Soltron M-50 Spirit tanning beds, features: 43 high-tech tubes, three face tanners with filter technology and the unique reflex-tanner – so nowhere white body parts. The fan-Soltron-creates a cooling air flow with the result: sunbathing without sweating.

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