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About us

Sauna Duinzigt the Hague, compact and complete!


We have existed for over thirty years in The Hague. In that period we became a complete sauna, Sun & Duinzigt Sports Centre. A compact location, where you will find everything: three different saunas with appropriate facilities as showers, couches, sun beds, a fully equipped gym and a small bar/bistro.

An atmosphere which we are proud of! Our first and foremost wish is for everyone to feel at ease here. Discretion is of paramount importance and we are proud of the good atmosphere, as may be expected in the Benoordenhout. Regular members of Sauna Duinzigt value this atmosphere and will welcome new guests.

Quality and legal requirements. Quality and legal requirements of our facilities are daily checked. We attach great importance to the fact that the legal rules to prevent contamination with legionella bacteria, are followed. A control plan with Titanium watertechnical consulting firm in Weert makes sure all requirements are met.

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